Our Guards

Our Officers & Their Training:

Our Company prides itself in hiring and employing some of the most competent officers in the industry. We hold our standards to the highest. We pay all of our officers more then the industry average. This is how we hire and maintain quality officers.

Requirements: (All Officers Are CBI Background Checked.)

• 21+ years in age.
• High School Diploma or GED.
• No Felonies
• No Domestic Violence Charges
• No Violent Crimes or Theft Charges
• No More than 1 DUI in The Past 7 Years
• Active DL with No More than 4 violations in the past 5 years
• Pre-Employment Drug Test

Other Requirements:

• Prior Police Experience
• Prior Military Experience
• 3 Years of Armed Security Experience with in the last 5 years

Gear Requirements:

• Proper Attire
• Duty Belt with inner belt
• Level 2 holster or higher
• Mag holders
• Baton
• Pepper Spray
• Hand Cuffs
• Belt Keepers

Firearm Requirements:

• Semi-automatic hand gun
• 3.75-inch barrel or longer
• 9mm caliber minimum
• Minimum of 2 back up magazines
• Defense ammunition

Other Training:

• Verbal Judo (8 Hours Annually)
• Report Writing (4 Hours Annually)
• Hand to Hand Self Defense (18 Hours Annually)
• Less Then Lethal Training (12 Hours Annually)
• Local, State & Federal Laws (16 Hours Annually)
• Powers of Arrest (8 Hours Annually)
• Surveillance Techniques (4 Hours Annually
• Crime Scene Preservation
• Basic First Aid/AED
• Handcuff Training (4 Hours Annually)
• Frisking Techniques (3 Hours Annually)
• Basic Radio Training (2 Hours Annually)
• Situational Awareness Training

Firearms Training:

All our officers are required to go through 36 hours of firearms training upon hire and must qualify annually with their primary and/or back up firearm with a score of 80 percent or higher. All firearms training is conducted by Mark Schneider who is an NRA certified instructor.